Friday, 10 February 2012

MRCOG part 2 OSCE exam preparation

OSCE is an examination of how the candidate is fit to run a clinic or a labour ward as a Registrar in UK. Exam is purely oriented to UK setting. As we all know, OSCE has twelve stations. Each station would have different scenarios, with actors and examiners in each station.
The first step, I would suggest , in preparation of OSCE is to look into these websites :
 (professional plus) ,
 . These give the latest advice to patietns, which we would actually give to patients in a clinic. The simple language in which we ought to explain to patients in clinic, will be easier to learn from these sites.

Once cleared the theory, it would be wise to attend at least two OSCE courses in UK and then appear for exams particularly when appearing from outside UK. Nottingham , taele fenning courses , royal free courses are useful. For those who do not have UK experience, If you get atleast two weeks clinical attachment , it will be useful for the exam.

An useful site for preparation and samples is ;

The most essentail part of OSCE exam is 'Practice,Practice, practice scenarios'.. Confidence in speaking & Communication skills are most essentially tested here than clinical knowledge which , you would have been tested already in theory. Hence, Practice the scenarios with colleagues or family acting as patients.

Labour ward prioritisation or Gyane theatre list prioritisation are definite Scenarios.

Clinical GOVERNANCE is an important issue in UK. It is mandatory to know about seven pillars of Clinical Governance and its implications in OBGYN practice.Please practice Scenarios like Adverse events analysis, Risk management, Interpreting Audit results, - as atleast one scenario would be from Clinical Governance.

I hope I have covered mostly what I know of and have been advising others whoever prepares for the MRCOG exam.Please feeel free to add more tips here. Best wishes to all those appearing for the EXAM.

 Once you have cleared the exam, you will feel , 'What was all the fuss about?'.

 So, Good luck to all.

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